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Go For It!

I decided to go for it. I have been wrestling with what direction I need to go regarding Anastasia's legacy. Given today's political environment, I decided not to pursue a non-profit business model. I think one of the significant problems with ministry and missions is the non-profit model. I have worked in the non-profit mission field for ten years. It is not the best model.

When you run a non-profit, you are constantly begging for money from folks who typically have very little. This model creates a dependency mindset. I decided to go for it. It would be better to work for the money, create things of value, inspire and encourage other people by my example--by her example too. So I started a for-profit retail business. The Internet has made this much more accessible than ever. I use an online fulfillment company that does all of the heavy lifting.

Now I spend my earned money on missions. This money is earned by creating things of value for people to purchase using dealigns inspired by Anastasia. This way, she gets to be a part of the mission. It is her creativity that will drive the products. Even though she is with the Lord, she can continue to contribute directly to spreading the Gospel.

It's easy to spend other peoples' money; our government does it daily. This route, this way, makes me more accountable for how I spend the treasures the Lord gives me. It is all for his Glory! That is why I am going to go for it!

JonRoy Sloan Owner, Anastasia Smiles

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