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A song inspired by Anastasia and how her ashes were scatterd by F Squad her World Race team as they journyed around the world.

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Before heading out on an eleven-month mission trip, Anastasia Sloan’s life was tragically cut short by a single-car accident. She left behind a group of grieving friends and family. She left behind many writings and journals about her journey of faith.


Her struggles with parties, boys, alcohol, and all the challenges a young girl must face. This young life is not the story of an angel but a real young woman who faced the death of friends, the turmoils of a family disrupted by war, and life in a small town and still finding a relationship with Jesus.


This book is a collection of stories of Anastasia’s faith and courage in her own words and the eyes of others. Her legacy has grown to include hundreds of people who have been stirred by her example and are now impacting their world for God's kingdom.


In this moving book, readers will cherish the encouraging stories of those who felt Anastasia’s spiritual legacy. Her father, Jon-Roy Sloan, shares his reflections, which are deeply personal and poignant along with those of other family members and close friends. 

Available on Amazon in ebook for Kindle and paperback!

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