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Anastasia Smiles is dedicated to furthering the spreading the Gospel and sharing her faith with others. Anastasia was a volunteer with NationsUniversity® and worked in publications.


Her foundation will help with local relief efforts in her community and building the Kingdom in foreign countries.


To learn more about NationsUniversity visit their website at


Our mission is to serve others as Christ served us by two integrated missions. First by mobilizing business leaders who can present practical Biblical business education in developing economic areas and to identify and develop Christian business leaders in those areas who will utilize the resources within their respective countries to fulfill the Great Commission.


  • Advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders travel to foreign countries, share the Gospel, and to teach other business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principles.

  • To see the lives of Christians transformed by this peer-to-peer ministry and nations transformed through the impact of successful Biblically ran businesses.

  • Be involved in local charity and missions that help the materially and spiritually needy in the local Dickson County community. Specifically we support the Dickson County Help Center.


The Anastasia Smiles approach is meant to be peer-to-peer, fellowship and building relationships.


Please, contact us if you would like to learn more about participating or supporting this mission.

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