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Anastasia Smiles

In the Bible, Jesus talks about the greatest commands to love God and to love other people. Anastasia's life demonstrated these two things to the fullest. She loved other people well, whether it was family, friends or strangers.


She was an amazing big sister to her younger brothers. Often driving an hour home to go take them out for ice cream--just because.


Additionally, she spent her life going on multiple mission trips to Australia and Canada where her love for God's people was evident.


In May 2014, she had been preparing for an 11 month mission trip around the world called The World Race. In her blog, she details how she wanted to imitate Christ and was called to learn to love and to give love just as Christ did for her. 

Christ called her home on the night of May 5th, 2014. Her work was complete.

She will most be remembered for her infectious smile, witty humor, being a good friend to others, and loving everyone she came in counter with.

We are in the process of applying for 501 c 3 status.


Our mission is to serve others as Christ served us.

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